For a commercial real estate developer the 3d architectural visualization helps him to move forward on new projects and secure financing.

The developer is often selling the invisible, and must transmit confidence to both the bank and the customer.

Convincing the bank with 3d architectural visualization

Banks increasingly require a developer’s project to be credible and robust. It was not long ago when financing was easier.

Banks were in a position to be favorably predisposed to support any development.

Just the opposite of the current situation.

Another obstacle is the banks themselves have become developers and therefore very tough competitors.

Convincing your financial partner to take a risk can be a titanic task and 3d architectural visualization must be your partner.

Convincing the customer is more competitive

Customers know the market and the have strength. Not long ago, commercial real estate developers, with minimal effort sold at the price they wanted.

All this has changed.

Commercial entrepreneurs understand that to move forward,

they need to invest more marketing dollars then ever before.

This is where 3d architectural visualization can help

3d architectural visualization is a visual language, it’s emotional, and an unbeatable value. It will tempt the viewer to engage with the space, before it is built.

The financial partner can “walk through” the space and experience the views on each floor.

A prospective tenant can see themselves in the space, being there.

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But the developer must make the investment in quality architectural visualization. An animation that does not produce a connection, an emotional response—will not achieve the objectives.

An inexpensive or conservative approach will only be a waste of time and money.

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