The media company Bassat & Ogilvy, was commissioned, by the Ajuntament de Palma. They had to conduct a campaign to explain to citizens the implementation of the tram in the city.

In turn, 023audiovisual, was responsible for the development of a video where the advantages of urban operation were explained.

Also, we did this another project of urban render for the tram in Zaragoza.

We had to create the illusion of tram badía built in the city

We opted to do a¬†‚Äúfake‚ÄĚ video montage.

Prior to the final realization of the sequences in the final locations, we decided to check their authenticity in any environment.

Even in a trial, we recreated the three-dimensional growth of the elements of the scene.

We should check if the lighting was credible in relation to the photo that served as background. This sequence does not have any post production.

On the basis of different photographs of each of the existing environments, we incorporated the tram badía in motion.

We also animated all the elements of the scene. That allowed us to give more authenticity to the animation. Thus, apart from the tram, we also incorporated people and cars in motion, traffic lights, trees and water gently moved by the breeze.

Besides the necessary mounting in C4D to generate the fictional scenario based 3D based on a 2D photo, we were forced to do post-production of numerous layers to create masks. As you can see in some of the sequences, ‚Äúthere are‚ÄĚ for example, trees that should appear before the tram in motion.

Here you are the sequences before being incorporated into the final production.