Colbert envisioned a sustainable traveling museum

He imagined a structure easy to assemble in layover places around the world, providing a temporary environment for his Ashes & Snow work in this world tour. The first public facility of Ashes and Snow in the Arsenale of Venice, opened in 2002, was the inspiration for the architectural concepts used in the Nomadic Museum.

Ashes & Snow

The Nomadic Museum, in the Zocalo, designed by the Colombian architect Simón Vélez, occupied 5,130 square meters and consisted of two galleries and three different theatres. For the first time, the Nomadic Museum incorporated water as a design element to remember the unique history of the Zocalo, which once was surrounded by canals. This architectural choice did honor to the symbolic importance of the Zocalo as the center of Mexico Tenochtitlan, a city founded by the Aztecs in 1325 on an island located in the middle of Lake Texcoco.

Ashes & Snow

The Ashes & Snow exhibition consists of more than 50 large-scale photographs, a 60 minutes film and two short films “haiku”.

So far, the exhibition has had more than nine and a half million visitors around the world.

Ashes & Snow interior

“By exploring the poetic sensibilities and the language shared by all animals, with my work I seek to rediscover that common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images show a world with no beginning or end, no a here or a there, no past or present.”  Gregory Colbert

Ashes & Snow structure

Ashes & Snow, from here, there is no data

It is better seeing the film and THEN, looking for any further information on the website.
It is recommended to watch it buying the original DVD on a large screen.
As an intermediate point, turn off the lights, switch off the phone, full screen and enjoy it!
I hope you liked it!
The exhibition continues, indefinitely I hope, rotating around the world.I wish I can watch it someday.

If you want to look good, I mean, to make a good impression on someone, this is the gift.

Both the catalog cover and the collection box have been handmade in Nepalese paper coated with beeswax and they are tied with a thread of hibiscus leaves and Nepalese beads. Printing was done in Italy, sewn on whalebone of Italian paper. It contains 111 pages and 50 sepia images.

My recommendation is The Film. A piece for life.

Personally, I am more interested in artists than their works.

I leave this interesting interview with Gregory Colbert by the prestigious journalist Rizwan Khan on Aljazeera program ONE on ONE.

Mister Colbert could not have another voice.