“I’ve known Juan professionally long ago. He was a pioneer in these areas, in which in 1997 they were just a few, I would say that he was alone in Saragossa,
In Aragón, he gave his work an architectural or urban dimension that other architectural visualization professionals do not know how to grasp.
First, he is an architect, who dominates the computing art, but above all, he dedicate himself at the service of the project in question,
helping the designer and the public or private developer to improve the original product.
But besides being a pioneer his level of demand, improvement and innovation, he is outstanding and you only need to see his work, his website or his blog,
which I recommend to everyone who needs to “see what does not yet exist” ….
My personal experience with the works I’ve had the opportunity to entrust him, which had a clear advertising and commercial component,
allows me to ensure the effectiveness of its computer generated images is very high and they achieved the purpose for which they were intended,
so it was a very profitable investment in a good work that it also improved the initial projects and it helped their viability.
Definitely, he helped us to see the finish of what did not exist … except in the images created by Juan Gayarre and finally they became a reality.
Thank you, among others, a good professional, who does not disappoint.”