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The path between the classical architecture model & the 3d model (part II)

The Fountainhead, 1949 In the previous article, I wrote about the first models, their users and the corresponding applications. Today I write about the 3d model of the 21st century, which I would distinguish into two large groups: Emulating techniques of the traditional model and the new paradigm. [...]

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The multiplication that any architectural visualizer makes before an architectural animation starts

One of the facts that most worries any visualizer before start an architectural animation it's concentrated in one fear: "Can I reach to the deadline with the work finished?" It's a reasonable fear because it's based on a calculation that you have to do several weeks before with many [...]

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Infografia 3d, confusion of Spanish term

Languages and translations It happens sometimes. Normally backwards. I refer to the translation of a term given to another language. In English, it is very accurate, is clear: “architectural visualization”. Even its literal translation is very enlightening: architectural visualization or visualization of architecture. However, Spanish speakers [...]

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