Our videos combine the power of their quality, with a variety and incomparable price,
while offering you technical tutorials that easily explain how to use them.

Set up easily the layers of your video composition
with alpha channel included.

Freedom to choose according to your needs

Variety may be essential, but the quality is a must.

We offer the best prices in the industry.
We can say this because we have done, and continue doing,
extensive research on this type of videos for years now.

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from some of the most influential…

“The STORE by GAYARRE infografia’s amazing stock video footages have helped us tremendously in cutting corners and saving precious time in our compositing processes.

A great opportunity for anyone in the archviz industry and beyond, that we at Brick Visual,would highly recommend. “

stock video - Andras Kaldos - BrickvisualAndrás Káldos, Brick Visual

​​​​“STORE by GAYARRE infografía It’s a great stock video footage library in Arch Viz. With high quality library, It is completely responsive, fast, beautiful...

For late support for our work. An Arch Viz company: professional and quality need support from STORE by GAYARRE infografía.

Thank you!”

stock video - Vic NguyenVic Nguyen, Vic Nguyen Design

“The STORE by GAYARRE infografia has a great stock video footages. His stuff is easy to use, straight forward and premium quality.

We used some libraries in the past and we will use it in the future.”

stock video - Patricio Navarro - ARX SolutionsPatricio Navarro, ArX Solutions

“The STORE by GAYARRE infografía stock video footage collections allow to complete the mood of the architectural animations or even stills and make them real and complex by necessary details.

Great quality of these stuff ensure great visual impact.“

stock video - Marcin Jastrzebski - REALPOLYGONSMarcin Jastrzebski, REALPOLYGONS
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Meet Juan !

Hi, this is Juan Gayarre and I am an expert on architectural animation

My company GAYARRE infografía develops projects since 1989.

I’ve created images and animations for many kind of customers, some examples could be Zaha Hadid, César Pelli, HOK o A-cero architects and real estate developers like Acciona, OHL o ACS.

Throughout these 30 years I have worked on more than 500 projects all over the world.

I am an architect but what I love the most is visualizing spaces and ‘painting’ seducing architecture.


During years, trying to improve my results, I was looking for video resources that simplifies my daily workflow. I started with the STORE to solve my own trouble.

Related to the SKIES, I usually found many but, the majority of them were “Gone with the wind” style.
They were too much dramatics and not really useful for my videos.

The BIRDS were even more though to get results. I found some but too much obvious 3d generated and I wanted real ones.

TREES were the most difficult to obtain for many reasons.

So, after some tries, I “do it myself”, I began to collect many footages and, then, I saw, from my own experience, this stuff could be interesting for others.

Then, STORE by GAYARRE infografia was born in 2013.

I invite you to visit us on