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How to forget the trouble of insert tree video in motion

How to insert tree video with alpha channel included on a layer of your composition Had you ever felt powerless trying to incorporate tree video in motion to your scene? We know perfectly this feeling. It's very frustrating. In this post, I show another path to follow and get [...]

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Green screen | the 5 production secrets to insert a person into a 3d environment

The background Before talk about green screen questions, I want to talk about my friend David. I met David Puig, CEO of 023 CONTENT & MEDIA, , more than 8 years ago. The development of the videos that supported the candidacy of the Expo Zaragoza 2008 was [...]

How to insert a sky video timelapse in your composition in less than 5 minutes

Could you imagine the increment of quality in your production using a sky video timelapse? Do you know the secrets to make it more credible and professional? In this post, I tell you the secrets to get it with a minor effort. INTRODUCTION [...]

The multiplication that any architectural visualizer makes before an architectural animation starts

One of the facts that most worries any visualizer before start an architectural animation it's concentrated in one fear: "Can I reach to the deadline with the work finished?" It's a reasonable fear because it's based on a calculation that you have to do several weeks before with many [...]

7 details that will enhance your architectural animation

Have you ever been in this situation? Trying to start an architectural animation? Obviously, the process to make a still image is really different of the way “to build” an architectural animation. In this post, you’ll find some details to ensure your success or either, after read it, your [...]

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Do you use these tricks to improve your 3d animation?

How many people is involved in the production of a 3d animation ? How long has lasted its execution? This is the record of Avatar Previously, I told you about issues related to modeling and attention to detail. Today I will tell you things about texturing and lighting. [...]

Infografia 3d, confusion of Spanish term

Languages and translations It happens sometimes. Normally backwards. I refer to the translation of a term given to another language. In English, it is very accurate, is clear: “architectural visualization”. Even its literal translation is very enlightening: architectural visualization or visualization of architecture. However, Spanish speakers [...]

SAN LAZARO, video effects and details of the process

Video effects: filming or 3D modeling? Throughout these years we have visualized very different projects. They were both for their program and for the environment in which they were located. Normally, when the surroundings are relevant, we usually model them in 3D. This decision brings two [...]