My 15 secrets to make an architectural animation

With this guide, you’ll discover the 15 steps I’ve been doing for over 30 years to plan my animation works from beginning to end

Whether you already are an experienced professional or just a dummy, I give you my free Ebook, showing you how to:

  • Establish the criteria to follow an orderly process
  • Avoid the usual mistakes
  • ​Solve the problems that may be waiting for you
  • Optimise your 3D and 2D resources


Juan Gayarre architect
During years, trying to improve my results, I was looking for video resources that simplify my daily workflow. I started with the STORE to solve my own trouble.

Related to the SKIES, I usually found many but, the majority of them were “Gone with the wind” style.
They were too dramatic and not really useful for my videos.

The BIRDS were even more though to get results. I found some but too much obvious 3D generated and I wanted real ones.

TREES were the most difficult to obtain for many reasons.

So, after some tries, I “do it myself”, I began to collect many footages and, then, I saw, from my own experience, this stuff could be interesting for others.

Then, STORE by GAYARRE infografia was born in 2013.