How many people is involved in the production of a 3d animation ? How long has lasted its execution?

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Previously, I told you about issues related to modeling and attention to detail.

Today I will tell you things about texturing and lighting.

Texturing and lighting

When an architectural visualization company like ours, does not have independent departments (lighting, rendering, modeling, …), his working method is multidisciplinary.

Each team member carries out his task but takes into account the rest. In our study, the process is not linear. We take advantages of the first 3D geometry verifications to check the first results of lighting and texturing.

The balance between good modeling, proper texturing and successful lighting, results in a good image or 3d animation. If any of the three fails, the set also does it.You will find a “honey” test of texturing in the texture of the paddle court, the erosion of the pavement in the central service zone.

Later, we learnt that they are 4 to playing paddle and the service zone is not at the center. ?

We could discuss much more about texturing, but, this time, I prefer to talk about light.

3d animation - render aerial view of padel playground

The color temperature

There is a storyline based on enlightenment, or rather, in the course of illumination along one day.

Sequences initially occur at a daytime lighting. The subconscious, when we are thinking about our ideal home, claims light as an argument of comfort and desire.

render aerial view sunny daylightingrender exterior partial view morning daylighting3d animation - render sunset daylighting of the penthouse terrace

Later, next to the pool, we simulated a “time-lapse” that allowed us to move from the day to sunset.

The sun also has its evocative aspect when it disappears. Its absence, and in Zaragoza, is an advantage.

Throughout this luminous course, we encountered many different situations in terms of color temperature.

Thus, we can see: Morning light,

render morning daylighting block of flats

evening daylight

render swimming pool evening daylighting

a combination of natural light (warm) with an artificial (cold)

3d animation - render kitchen with a combination of natural light (warm) with an artificial (cold)

another warm natural light with artificial one…

render interior bedroom with a combination of natural light (warm) with an artificial (cold)

inside, only natural light,

render interior living room view only natural light

or, as in the case of the night view, only artificial light.

render interior living room night view, only artificial light

The correct simulation of the different light conditions is essential to achieve good results.

Cameras of a 3d animation

There is also a spatial plot. This one, although not essential, seems advisable to place the viewer.

We start from the outside of the plot,

render exterior with tram outside view

We visit the residential area,

render exterior partial view morning daylighting

we enter one of the houses,

3d animation - render interior bathroom viewrender interior kitchen view3d animation - render interior bedroom viewrender interior living room view3d animation - render interior living room view

to approach the terraces,

render exterior terrace view

and finally, the penthouse terrace.

3d animation - render sunset daylighting of the penthouse terrace

In our work, we try to escape the “walkthroughs”. We understand it is a language of videogames. The subjective perspective, maintained over time, is boring. It also forces you to circulate through spaces that may not be relevant.The change from flat to court, allows us more flexibility and rhythm at the time of the final assembly.

tip: you should always rendering more cameras than necessary. That will allow some leeway in the final assembly.

Another one: if the assembly requests deleting, do it without fear.It is better being too short than being boring with the duration. In this 3d animation it happens something like that.Within a few days, I will discuss the other work we developed simultaneously.

We will talk about depth of field, post-production of images and something else.

Aspects that I could also comment here, but I think I have abused your time.If you enjoyed this post and you want to receive the next in your email, sign up here and I will send it to you.