Helping to explain the floor plans

These graphical tools have a dual purpose: explaining and seducing.

It is very frustrating for both, technical and client, that the second one does not understand what the first one have thought. This is one of the few advantages that I can see today of having studied Architecture: being able to read plans, no matter how complicated they are. However, most people have not received this kind of education and the mental process of spatial information interpretation is difficult and sometimes, impossible to solve.

This is the raison d’être of commercial floor plans.

Using 2D and even 3D mechanics tools, you are able to make technical drawings more intelligible. Architectural technician have to make this effort of spatial understanding too. There are buildings easy to understand when they are built, but it is not that simple on a plan.

Therefore, architecture not only is “written” on floor plans. It also needs sections and elevations, the other spatial projections.

Sometimes, performing axonometric views or sections become in the best visual tools.

axonometric and plan views of a flat by GAYARRE infografia

When your project is out of the ordinary and…

… you have difficulties to explain it or simply they do not understand you
… their spaces are difficult to understand
… even if your floor plans are very well drawn, they are difficult to be understood
… and you think that whatever you do, you are not going to be able to explain them…

You are in the right place!

Our floor plans images solve these problems and some more.

For a long time our clients do not suffer selling. It is a fact: with our images, you sell faster and convince better.

María Sánchez, architect
María Sánchez
architect at CAS Inmobiliaria
render facade by GAYARRE infografia

“You can trust on GAYARRE infografía team.
Juan Gayarre from his architectural point of view understands and develops projects as you transmit it.

He favors a crossbar contact and agile information directly and the end result is a surprise that never disappoints.

They are capable to create emotion with their work; the animations speak themselves”

Our FLOOR PLANS service is perfect for you if you…

… know you have to invest more to earn more and they see us as an investment and NOT as an expense,
… have a project that allows that investment,
… understand that making images they will sell flats faster and financing costs will be reduced,
… or you want to increase the value of your brand.


  • axonometric and plan views of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric and plan views of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric and plan views of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric and plan views of a flat by GAYARRE infografia

  • render top view of block of flats by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric view of a block of flatst by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric view of a block of flats by GAYARRE infografia

  • axonometric view of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • plan view of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • axonometric view of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • plan view of a flat by GAYARRE infografia
  • plan view of a flat by GAYARRE infografia

Why commercial floor plans and fugal sections are the solution? Because…

  • the viewer understands them almost immediately
  • the third dimension simulates reality and it is understood
  • they are the intermediate step between planar projection and perspective
  • ultimately, a problem that seemed insoluble, simply disappears

Our floor plans images are unique because we…

  • are a company with experience since 1989.
  • have create images for over 300 projects.
  • were nominated for 2013 CGarchitect Awards (the Oscars of architectural visualization) for our short film alone.
  • exceed the most advanced standard of image quality by far.
  • beyond technical considerations, we capture the essence of your project and create magic to seduce your client.

I know what you are thinking: “All say the same thing”

But we were there since 1989, we got it and we continue offering the same results.


These are the benefits that you will enjoy if you order us floor plans images…



you will accelerate the sales to the top



you will leave a positive impression on the client, even if they do not buy



you will discover a new way to sell with less effort.

You will feel more relaxed and secured in your business



you will see that animation is synonymous with efficiency



you will ennoble your brand for less than what you think

Moreover, as a digital product,

the possibilities multiply:

  1. You will be able to send an email including a link to the floor plans images.
  2. Your website will become the best showcase.
  3. If you make an app, you can include in it.
  4. Give a pen drive with your images.
  5. If you share it in social networks, you will get a high spreading.
  6. Your showroom will become a magical place and the halls of your prospects, an extension of it.

Other clients talking about our floor plans images…

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the FLOOR PLANS service includes…

  • Realization of 3D modeling of all elements involved in the different scenes of the project: architecture, landscape architecture, decoration and accessories.
  • Texturing and lighting of each scene.
  • Editing and final post-production of both each images and the final result.
  • Supplying of digital file on the required resolution for reproduction on different media.
  • All rights for distribution and reproduction without limitation.

furthermore, you will enjoy these FREE EXTRA BONUS:

  • If not provided, we’ll make the interior design of all the spaces with no extra charge.
  • After 9 images hired, you will receive 1 extra image for FREE.


Do you really think that, nowadays,

a simple plan from architects of your real estate development is enough to sell your flats as fast as you need?

Are you sure you want to sell as before?

Without thrill? With boredom?
With nonexistent or very very slow results?

Remember that if we collaborate with you, it does not have to be like that.



If you want to contact me to tell me about a project in which you would like we collaborate,
send us an email to info@gayarre.eu

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Thank you very much!


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