Although now I will tell you everything that has to develop by the renderman. I can say to you in advance that the first thing of everything is to facilitate to the post producer the beginning of its work.

For this, with the first simple models of the modeler, the first thing to do is to plan each and every one of the cameras.

After that, without any lights or textures, he has to perform the animation on wireframe.

In this way, even after changing details, the post producer will be able to perform its first task: the pre video composition of the complete animation.

Storyboard is everyone’s guide for the video composition

For this, in the storyboard, it will have been determined the movement of the camera and the duration of the same.

With these sequences in wireframe, the post producer will make a first video composition. It will serve to confirm that what is imagined in the storyboard works properly. Likewise, you can perform transitions, titles and start thinking about the soundtrack.

Everything is modifiable in this stage. It will be able to corroborate that the rhythm is correct. We will establish the previous corrections opportune in terms of durations and points of view.

TIP: It is very interesting that the file names of the different sequences are kept from beginning to end of video composition. In this way, as we get the final sequences, we will only have to replace the wireframes and the composition will remain intact.

Like the storyboard, this first composition, makes us control the process and the result from the beginning.

Assuring the final video composition by skipping this step is risky and avoids last minute surprises.

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