If problems arise in a still image, imagine animation troubles that can arise making a video.

They can be many and also unpredictable.

For this reason, it is very important that in the project calendar there is a time’s slot to solve them.

Some of them, if you are attentive, you will be able to detect animation troubles in initial phases of the problem and their arrangement will be less expensive. You have to think that if something fails in a sequence of 20 seconds, 500 frames are affected, not just one as in the case of still images.

The patches for animation troubles

If you are lucky, the error can be “patched”, that is, you do not need to recalculate the whole of each frame.

Whenever possible you should choose this possibility to save calculation time in correcting the error.

Nobody is perfect and the patches are used continuously. Another thing quite different is that they do not notice at all.

Keep in mind the realization of these patches and incorporates the time dedicated to their realization.

Illumination of the scenes

Depending on your storyboard, the project video will display different spaces. It may be the circumstance that, these spaces are illuminated in different ways. It can happen that the same space is illuminated in different ways.

As a general rule, it is usual, in the animated visualization of an architectural project that we have to visit the building both externally and internally. For the outside visualization, in theory, with the same light for all the scenes would be enough. However, it may happen that we prefer to obtain other results. To achieve this, we will use different illuminations for each exterior scene. The characteristics of the light may be the same, but its location and angle are different.

animation troubles interior renders with different lights

Interior lights require a lot of preparation time. In addition, they usually mean a very important increase in the calculation times.

The alpha channel

In order to have freedom of action in postproduction, I recommend that you always calculate your animation sequences with alpha channel. This will allow you to add funds into the post-production process having the tools to easily solve the animation troubles that will coming.

animation troubles setting alpha channel to include a sky timelapse in post production

There are people who prefer not to do so. They make the decision of their funds at the time of the render. I have to insist, my recommendation is that you use them to have more freedom. If you have them, you can test what sky you like the most in your background. Maybe at the time of the render you had an idea, but as the project progressed, maybe that sky is not what you need anymore.

If you have the alpha channel, you can do as many tests as you want without being destructive with your rendering job.

The two enemies that are waiting for you: flickering and noise

There may be partial errors that only affect a portion of the image. However, there are others that can affect the whole. They are the derivatives of the rendering process, of the settings used.

Although there has been a lot of progress recently in this sense, the two most common problems when generating an animation were flickering and noise.

animation troubles noise detail on rendered image

The first one depends on both the quality of the textures used and the antialiasing settings.

The second has been a historical problem linked to the Vray render engine.

These problems are not present in the calculation of a still image since there is no need to visualize several consecutive frames and therefore the differences of result between one and the previous do not become evident.

Both problems have a solution, what happens is that it is very costly in terms of calculation time. The balance between quality and calculation time will determine your decision.

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