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Lights and shadows of Vray

Vray is a rendering engine, not a program Many times they have asked us how we perform our mages. The quality of them does not only dependent on the program but also on the render engine. It is the software that generates the necessary calculations to get the final image. Formerly, each program had its…

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Daytime exterior lighting

In this tutorial, Angelo Ferretti, shows the process to get a good exterior lighting of a building. He poses it using a sunlight and a HDRI image. The tutorial consists of two parts. Here is the second one.

Alex Roman, extremely brilliant

A master of the current architectural visualizing: Alex Roman. This gem, The Third & The Seventh, is a show where photography, films and architecture embrace in a sublimely way. Please, do not miss details. EVERYTHING is interesting: Framing, light, image quality, story (?), depth of field, textures, modeling… what was said, you have to watch…

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