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The 5 advantages of making a good movie of your project

Each moment in history has had its preferred communication medium. From the “word of mouth”, the press, radio, television and now the Internet have all been means to receive and transmit information. Today, in a situation where you prefer to pull instead of pushing (pull vs push) when receiving the information, the video has become…

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The illusion of using for the first time a house

It is, without doubt, the most important purchase of your life. Some lucky people may dream about the project of a detached house. 3d architectural visualization allows the future buyer dreams twice: the first one when the virtual project is shown. The second one when the house is delivered. Benefits: branding The developer who understands…

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Why should you use social networks to sell your promotion?

It goes without saying that I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, in the matter. The world of social networks (NS) is not something you study, you learn and you start being successful. No way. I have three years on them and every day I learn something new. I see how I…

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Animation is the whore

It is widespread the appreciation of that animation, plus a bitch, it is of the faces. We will explain how, in fact, it is just the opposite. We started this article as aggressively because the cost of this type of service in architectural visualization is related to its duration. The longer the animation, the higher…

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You, my client, are NOT always right

There are phrase that seem untouchable. Sometimes they acquire the character of proverb. One, perhaps the most unshakable axiom in a business relationship is this one: “The customer is always right” Where and when was that phrase born? Its origins are uncertain. The famous slogan was first used in the early twentieth century in the…

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Why an Investment in Architectural Visualization
Pays Dividends

For a commercial real estate developer the ability to move forward on a new project is often directly tied to the ability to secure financing. The developer is often selling the invisible, and must transmit confidence to both the bank and the customer. Convincing the bank Banks increasingly require a developer’s project to be credible and…

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Valle Romano, advertising misconceived

this is not the way that you should grip a golf club

(this is not the way that you should grip a golf club)   Nowadays, it is not understood, especially in Spain, the construction of a golf course without a residential complex around. The advantages, even for non-golfers, are evident Large green areas such as landscape, silence, fresh air, no traffic, … Urban planning, overly concerned with…

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