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Short video-interview to the master Álex Román

I already mentioned how difficult is to find information about the master Álex Román. Well, here is a short interview realized last year in Mundos Digitales. I think this “detraction” from a person is appreciated.  

Interview with the master Alex Roman

Despite the notoriety of his works, it is not easy to find data on Alex Roman. I leave an interview published in AREA Digital Entertainment & Visualization Comunity.

Interview with Neoscape

Neoscape Inc., is a creative agency with offices in Boston, New York and England. They are artists, filmmakers, designers and consultants who love the expression of architecture and environmental design. They have already celebrated its 15th anniversary and CG film crew had the opportunity to talk about their study, work and plan for the future. Here…

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It left us more than 10 years ago

Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, I never tire of listening and seeing him gesticulate Approach to the architect Sáenz de Oiza and the process of creation in architecture, from the sketch to the finished work. Oiza is considered one of the best architects of the contemporary Spain. Monograph (almost an hour) dedicated to the architect…

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