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STORE by GAYARRE infografía, resources for architectural visualization

We do what you do, so we know what you need Earlier this year we opened our online shop: STORE by GAYARRE infografía. It was an idea that we had in mind for some time. There are many sites where you can find regular resources for architectural visualization: 3d models, textures, scripts, manuals, etc. I recommend…

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Architectural animation of a block of flats

HD work For the first time, we have done a project in HD. The format of this resolution is 720p. As many know, the number is to indicate the 720 of horizontal lines of resolution of the screen and the letter p is from progressive scan. To sum up, the resolution used on 720p is 1280…

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Competition for a “doctor” building

It is over three years since we took part in this architectural competition announced by the Health Department of the Government of Aragon. Proposals for a new Medical Specialty Center in Saragossa were requested. Finally, we were fourth. If I were a great architect I would say that it was not a bad result and…

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Architectural visualization helps architecture

Architecture visualization can fulfill various tasks Sometimes it is used to represent what existed and now it is gone. Its most obvious application is the reconstruction of old buildings. In September we will show an example. It also serves to further the understanding of an architectural project to neophytes. Transferring the two-dimensionality of plans and…

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Rigging, smart movements

Within the three-dimensional animation, one of the toughest fields is character animation We are so used to seeing it in movies. We can see how objects traditionally static, are able to behave like human beings. Animals with facial expressions characteristic of human beings and human beings that do not really exist. Sometimes, the used technology…

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Images for the future

Beelden voor de Toekomst, is a project of six organizations interested in preserving the audiovisual heritage of the Netherlands. Thanks to this great animation, project features are explained by metaphorical compositions. It is a great exercise in visual synthesis.

A new artwork of Alex Roman

Enjoy this new piece of Alex Roman, for Silestone.

Daytime exterior lighting

In this tutorial, Angelo Ferretti, shows the process to get a good exterior lighting of a building. He poses it using a sunlight and a HDRI image. The tutorial consists of two parts. Here is the second one.

Is this the future of the “archviz”?

A man using holographic tools, creates a world for the woman he loves. It is a short film by the filmmaker Bruce Branit, also known as the co-creator of 405.

Alex Roman, extremely brilliant

A master of the current architectural visualizing: Alex Roman. This gem, The Third & The Seventh, is a show where photography, films and architecture embrace in a sublimely way. Please, do not miss details. EVERYTHING is interesting: Framing, light, image quality, story (?), depth of field, textures, modeling… what was said, you have to watch…

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