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ARCHITECT, do you want to win architectural competitions?

Hi, my name is Juan Gayarre, I am an architect and architectural visualizer. I have been running GAYARRE infografía since 1990.


I help architects around the world to win architectural competitions.

Professionals who know that to win you have to invest.

With our services, we cause enough confidence in the jury making more compelling your proposal.

If you are an architect with a big project but…

  • …has difficulties to win competitions or
  • … your presentations have become obsolete or
  • … you do not have the means or the knowledge to create the images you want or
  • … simply renders you hired were not up to your project and, ultimately,
  • … you know your images need a little help


You are in the right place!

These problems will disappear. Our services are a key point to solve these problems.

Everything revolves around a concept:


Submit your project so their values are evident, seducing the jury.


These are the benefits you will find working with us!

  • You will transmit to the jury the confidence to believe in your design.
  • You will optimize your resources preventing further loss of time and money due to visualizations do not achieve their aim.
  • You will enjoy wining.
  • You will reinforce your brand image. You will gain credibility in the market. Your career endorses you. Your presentations also.
  • You will finally see how everything fits: the design and the presentation

    our services are perfect for you if…


  • … you know you have to invest more to earn more
  • … you see us as an investment and NOT as an expense
  • … you value our career and that allows you to trust our judgment
  • … you do not have prejudices and you are an open mind
  • … you understand that what we do must like the jury, not you.
  • … you are proud and happy for taking us on, you brag about it
  • … in the end, you realize it was worth it, we are even cheap
  • … you are an architect who values quality
  • … you are effective and you are able to delegate to professional firms

our services are unique because…

  • … we have over 24 years of experience and over 300 developed projects
  • … we are architects too, so we listen to you and help you to solve problems
  • … we have a distant view of the project and it will help you
  • … we use the more complex algorithm calculations to obtain an unsurpassed image quality
  • … beyond technical considerations, we capture the essence of your project and create magic to seduce the jury
  • … and therefore, all this together, makes us your best choice

Our clients are sharing


about how our work has influenced the success of their lives and business


  • “Juan Gayarre’s visualizations are an effective and decisive tool in explaining a project,
    and a high-quality results are obtained in a short time.”

    — Enric Batlle, BATLLE i ROIG ARQUITECTES —
  • “Juan is a very demanding professional with his work, he is capable of interpreting and express in a quick and effective way,
    through images, value ideas of a project.
    His attitude in teamwork is proactive and his contributions in design management very valuable.”

    — Agustín Miranda, associated architect in b720 arquitectos —
  • “In all the works that Juan has collaborated, the excellent quality images and its contribution and architectural vision to highlight the most interesting values were determinant in the success dissemination of the projects.
    Definitely, GAYARRE infografía is one of the best companies in our country in this field.

    — Antonio Buendía, architect in Exedra arquitectura —
  • “Working with Gayarre commit yourself to study in depth the definition of the project and to consider spatially and constructively
    many of the aspects already defined previously.
    The crises and internal discussions are opened thanks to its high definition work, they allow progress and continually questioning taken decisions.
    Certainly, its work complements the architect design process and it becomes a fundamental tool for project development at all levels.”

    — Francisco Lacruz Abad, architect in BernAbad —
  • “In the daily competition, sometimes orders are decided by small differences.
    Juan offers the added value of combining infographic techniques and architectural culture.
    In addition, you can enjoy the increasingly unusual pleasure of working with a gentleman. Thanks Juan.”

    — Jaime Macipe, arquitecto —
  • “Juan is, first and something that I am proud of, my friend.
    Second, an architect with knowledge and sensitivity. And finally, an excellent professional working images.
    Architectural visualization is not just a material to teach but also to work and develop a project.
    Working images with a good architect is to receive a new view, intelligent and understood, which edit and move forward the proposal.
    We collaborated in the project of Paseo de la Independencia, a complex and controversial one for reasons beyond architecture.
    Initially, the council commissioned some images to another team who were not able to explain the change of the urban character: from road to pedestrian.
    They did not help, quite the opposite.
    With the reform of the project, we all were aware of the need to anticipate images not only true, but also capable to grasp the intended environment,
    we could count on urgent Juan collaboration.
    His still images and animations did manage truly reflect what would be the project and the feelings that were sensed.
    Then we worked together again in the Parque Del Agua, a work that was a jump scale for us.
    I appreciated his work then, because it facilitated ours, and I take now to keep thanking him.”

    — aldayjover, arquitectura y paisaje —
  • “A good architect and a marvelous visualizer professional, together in a single person, is ideal to perform a great work.
    My experience with Juan Gayarre confirmed it.”

    — Ángel B. Comeras, architect —
  • “Juan is an architect with sense of proportion. His experience is extensive and varied. As a creator of virtual realities is unique.
    He achieve his works speak, images are confused with reality.
    He listens, is patient and above from that, he loves his work. TRY IT.”

    — Ángel Farinós Said, architect —
  • “I think you’re are a very professional company that understand the requirements posed by the property and solve it,
    meet deadlines and with excellent graphical results.
    Under some circumstances, the fees could be a barrier to hire you because not all projects have the economic capacity that requires your collaboration.
    Good luck and I hope we could keep on collaboration.”

    — Belén Gómez Navarro, architect —
  • “Juan Gayarre cultivates excellence in the field of architectural visualization.
    He carefully studies the project he has to represent, he captures its best essences and shows them with a realism that many people will believe that the building has already been built.
    The price?… less than the result.”

    — Carlos Turégano, architect —
    I met him before anyone was engaged in computer virtual space recreation. Since then, more than twenty years ago,
    has continue to impress us with a constant creative evolution in both processes and results.
    Juan Gayarre is an architect, a good architect. That makes the previous dialogue with him is fluid and concise. Targets are quickly focused.
    In his works, the relationship between scales and proportions of architectural objects and elements involved in the composition,
    are perfectly compatible and they express its structural potentially.
    Graphic creativity, knowledge of materials, good taste in the use of graphic resources and ability to choose the best framings.
    Architectural proposals in his representative expression exhibit their best qualities.
    Meeting deadlines, budgets and result expectations have been amply satisfied in any of the multiple works that Juan Gayarre has developed for the firm.”

    — Julio Clúa Martínez, clc arquitectos —
  • “Juan Gayarre’s work, good architect, first, simplifies transmission to non-experts, but also to those who are, in our projects.
    Because he not only reflects their appearance, but it captures, as a good professional, its content and meaning, so that the images he offer,
    respond to the idea of whoever designs. This saves efforts, but also annoyances when the work committed disappoints you.
    He is expensive, yes, but he is good and reliable in their contracts.
    No risk are taken and you save time and effort to achieve excellent results. Does that does not deserve to be paid?
    I believe in the 21st century you must focus on quality and pay for products that have it and this is the case of the work of Juan Gayarre.
    It is a pleasure and an honor counting on Juan Gayarre’s collaboration.”

    — Mª Pilar Sancho, CEO of Zaragoza Alta Velocidad 2002, S.A. —
  • “I started working with Juan Gayarre attracted by the quality of their images.
    I hardly know him personally, but I had the chance to see some of his work, and I found them interesting.
    Now, over the years, the reason why I keep coming to his study is different; and it just seems a luxury to work with a architectural visualization artist who understands and sees architecture from your same perspective: when you introduce a work, ,you talk to him about architecture;
    and when you look at the result you realize that you both have been moving in the same coordinates.
    I think his work has some of Catalá Roca, he is able to reread, stress, rediscover, surprise…”

    — Daniel Monfort, architect —
  • “The experience, the training of architects, craft and enthusiasm with which Juan Gayarre faces his job makes him a great professional.
    His work is associated with quality architecture, committed and rigorous in both its projects and collaborations with other colleagues,
    Where he brings his wit and ability, achieving great success.
    Pioneer in Saragossa in architectural visualization, he is able to excite clients and professionals with his images,
    perfectly conveying the constructive reality after a careful purification process of the initial project, surfacing spatial,
    formal and constructive qualities of the project, allowing to have a great safety before it is built.
    Our involvement and personal experience with Juan allows me to recommend him for any work, even if it is much undertaken.”

    — Emilio Rivas, architect —
  • “Juan Gayarre is a magnificent architect as it is evidenced by the numerous awards won in architectural competitions.
    It is also the best professional I know in terms of photo-realistic architectural renderings.
    He has been able to represent our projects masterfully, getting the best possible views.
    Its framing and atmosphere are great, let alone the representation of water surfaces that release moisture and those disturbing blue skies.
    He is extremely meticulous,
    to the point that photos of people inserting in their images are native of the place where the project will be built and, above all, always meets deadlines.
    I hope I can count on his collaboration in our future projects.”

    — Fernando Tuesta, architect in PRONISA Construcción y Promoción —
  • “Images by Juan Gayarre for our study have always been of an exceptional quality.
    And not only for strictly visual aspects, which are always outstanding,
    but also for their ability to quickly grasp the essence of each project and to promote the virtues of each proposal,
    including providing ideas that enrich our projects. ”

    — Javier Belda, architect —
  • “Juan Gayarre’s images are able to express beyond the reality that it is implied in the graphic documentation of a project,
    The depth and the feeling that the architect prints on a work.
    Therefore, the perspectives of Juan have the gift of making the buildings talk and the man listen to them.”

    — Jesús Marco, architect in ama —
  • “Knowing Juan Gayarre was a surprise… an Architect able to represent graphically the future with a stunning reality, almost photographic, and with a computer … it was late last century, time when hand-drawn perspectives and mockups were what was in… yet.
    Gayarre was the future … and this way has been … today is the present. But today is in advance of the ordinary, of the usual … and so he stands out and continues standing out and surprising because their tools are not only handling the best 3D programs, but his love of photography, his choice of framing and lights, his constructive knowledge of reality, of materials, of spatial forms, innovative design …
    They cause that every time a work comes from his sophisticated equipment is deservedly the best.
    Working with Juan is easy…
    quickly you can set up a team of architects which seems to be the same as always…
    I have only a misfortune… to not have worked on many more occasions with him…
    but I reassure that it was not because I did not want to.
    There is still time to make amends.”

    — José Antonio Aranaz, architect in Aranaz y asociados —
  • “It is a privilege to have at our disposal the latest and most cutting edge technology in computer graphics for architecture thanks to Juan Gayarre.
    Impeccable work down to the smallest detail. His training as an architect enables him to quickly understand spatial concepts.
    His experience as a project architect and construction makes it look to the structural characteristics immediacy.
    His exquisite behavior creates a smooth relationship and communication.
    All this is very difficult to find in other specialists, and it is essential to move the “thought” to an image that reflects with the utmost fidelity,
    getting the best desired end result, which is what Juan gets systematically in their work.
    So that, his visualizations, become more than images, serving as a valuable tool that helps to improve the projects.”

    — Juan José Malo, architect of Saragossa County Council —

Similar benefits await you when you decide to work with GAYARRE infografía


Do you really think that nowadays, with the rivalry in competitions, the images you show are the best option to win?


Are you sure you want to continue trying to win as before?

Without thrill? In an obsolete way?

Maybe you know what you want, but you do not know how to do it.

Remember that if we collaborate with you, it does not have to be like that.

Discover how we will help you to achieve your goals with our IMAGES FOR ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITIONS


Are you ready to win competition as you have always dreamed of?

It will be a pleasure to help you to obtain the results that you wish in our dream factory




During these nearly 25 year career we have received countless request of quotes.

We understand the needs of our clients and we make very realistic budgets.

We also know that, in order not to waste time, it is much more efficient for both parts to get to the point.

Therefore, if you have a project in mind, I suggest you fill the following form.
In less than 48 hours, we will send you the budget you need.

To gain time

Here you have some of the frequently asked questions

What is the cost of performing an image? What about the realization of a minute of animation?

We do not have rates. Explain your project and we will be very specific in the budget.

What information do you need to prepare a budget?

The correspondent to a basic project, in pdf format.

Do you have a single budget option?

No. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer two levels:STANDARD and PREMIUM.

How many changes of modeling and / or textured are included in the budget?

We are reasonable but we hope that you are too.
From a certain stage, making changes without cost is not allowed.
Depending on the LEVEL hired, more or less changes are allowed.

Do you charge the changes?

Our attitude is always proactive and we seek the satisfaction of the client. This does not mean we work for free.

If changes are beyond our responsibility and they are a result of errors or deficiencies in providing the information, they are always charged. Therefore, it is so important that you provide us the information when the project is as definite as possible to prevent further changes with the obvious consequences of missing deadlines and avoidable overruns.

If you have more questions, please read our full FAQ section. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.



Thanks a lot for your time!

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