Augmented reality

Synonymous with interactivity, surprise and effectiveness


Augmented reality consists of superposing, in real time, VIRTUAL objects in a PHYSICAL environment.

We are not talking about virtual reality where you try to replace the real experience. With augmented reality there is a simultaneous experience between the virtual and the real world.

This experience is possible using mobile devices as “windows”. We point to a marker and something surprising appear on the screen merging into reality.

Watch this video and you will understand immediately.


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Historically, one of the tools used for developers to sell was and is, the mockup.


It helps the prospective customer to better understand the project. When there were no computer generated images, this was the way to go from two dimensions to three.

We know the disadvantages of a mockup…

  • … the production cost is very high
  • … from day one, they are fill with dirt and age
  • … they take up too much space
  • … they are not easily manageable
  • … they are not interactive
  • … they have the detail corresponding to its scale
  • … the materials do not match to the real ones

Why augmented reality is the alternative to the mockup?

Mainly because it has all the advantages of a digital product

  • its cost is much lower than a mockup and it has more advantages
  • a virtual model does not age
  • they do not occupy physical space
  • they are portable and easily distributable
  • they have the same amount of detail than reality

For whom they are intended?

For developers who…

  •   … know you have to invest more to earn more and they see us as an investment and NOT as an expense.
  •   … have a project that allows that investment and in this case, it needs it.
  •   … understand that making augmented reality, they will sell flats faster and financing costs will be reduced.
  •   … are committed to the understanding of the project and its virtues by his client. If they do not understand it, the will not purchase it.
  •   … want to increase the value of their brand using new media and technologies.
  •   … look for new ways to get closer to the potential client offering a complete and satisfying experience.


These are the benefits that you will enjoy
if we create augmented reality of your real estate development…

  •   you will accelerate the sales to the top.
  •   your client will play the leading role: he decide what to visit.
  •   you will leave a positive impression on the client, even if they do not purchase
  •   you will discover a new way to sell with less effort
  •   your client will understand better the project and consequently he will be more likely to purchase.
  •   you will ennoble your brand , for less than what you think


Moreover, as a digital product, the possibilities multiply:

You will be able to send an email including a link to the app to your potential customers.

If you share it in social media, you will get a high spreading.

You can post an advertisement in the press with a bookmarker and it will be the most talked news for days.

A single model can include different floor plants of the housing.

Your showroom will grow. Tablets and smartphones become the speakers of your project in a natural way.

silvia-hernandezSilvia Hernández

Bassay Ogilvy | Account Manager





“Quality, professionalism, respect and trust.
That is what Juan inspires. When you start a project with him, you know it is going to be fine. Impeccable work. Understood commission. And compliment timing.
What more can you ask for? Expensive of cheap? That is always relative, it isn’t?”

angel-farinosÁngel Farinós






“Juan is an architect with sense of proportion. His experience is extensive and varied. As a creator of virtual realities is unique.
He achieve his works speak, images are confused with reality.
He listens, is patient and above from that, he loves his work. TRY IT.”

The augmented reality creation includes…

  •   The idea, how all the relevant information of the project will be showed.
  •   Navigation structure.
  •   The marker.
  •   Publication in the cloud.

Do not hesitate


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  4. The way you sell will change.


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During these nearly 25 year career we have received countless request of quotes.

We understand the needs of our clients and we make very realistic budgets.

We also know that, in order not to waste time, it is much more efficient for both parts to get to the point.

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To gain time

Here you have some of the frequently asked questions

What is the cost of performing an image? What about the realization of a minute of animation?

We do not have rates. Explain your project and we will be very specific in the budget.

What information do you need to prepare a budget?

The correspondent to a basic project, in pdf format.

Do you have a single budget option?

No. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer two levels:STANDARD and PREMIUM.

How many changes of modeling and / or textured are included in the budget?

We are reasonable but we hope that you are too.
From a certain stage, making changes without cost is not allowed.
Depending on the LEVEL hired, more or less changes are allowed.

Do you charge the changes?

Our attitude is always proactive and we seek the satisfaction of the client. This does not mean we work for free.

If changes are beyond our responsibility and they are a result of errors or deficiencies in providing the information, they are always charged. Therefore, it is so important that you provide us the information when the project is as definite as possible to prevent further changes with the obvious consequences of missing deadlines and avoidable overruns.

If you have more questions, please read our full FAQ section. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.



As I mentioned at the beginning, our client are not used to be pleased just with one of our services. All of them are complementary.

We will help you to decide which are necessary for your project.


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