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An app is a software that is installed on a mobile device – either phone or tablet – to help the user in a particular task, either commercially or for leisure and entertainment.

The objective of an app is providing us the achievement of a certain task or assisting us in daily operations and procedures.


We read, see, hear, click and, all this in a more natural way with each passing day.

Why do not we create an app to help us sell faster and better? This is exactly our proposal for you.

Depending on the size of your project, the developer, after talking with the prospect and explain him the project, he gave the information to take it at home.

In this way, its particular “Trojan horse” was got in their homes. It was the reminder of the conversation – presentation with the developer.

Depending on many factors, the information supplied was from a very scruffy photocopy of the floor to a most elaborate multi-page brochure with excessive weight.

With the emergence of smartphones and tablets few years ago, there has been a change in the way of the “spectator”, it is increasingly less so, it receives and interacts with the media.

We know the disadvantages of a paper brochure…

  • … it is very difficult to guess the number of copies you will need. You are very likely to do too much and then thrown them away.
  • … once printed, no cannot make changes
  • … la necesidad de ser impreso, obliga a una calidad de imagen muy alta
  • … it just allows the inclusion of three types of elements: graphics, photos and writings
  • … nor it allows you to interact with its contents
  • … from day one, it ages and, and deteriorates with use
  • … the distribution channels are very expensive (mailings, inserts…)


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Why is an app the alternative to the paper brochure?

Mainly because it has all the advantages of a digital product

  • It is done once and “distributed” on the internet just as often as necessary
  • making changes is less traumatic
  • It requires less image resolution
  • Insertion of interactive and dynamic mechanisms such videos, graphics, etc. are allowed.
  • It does not age. It is new as the first day
  • Distribution channels are practically free

For whom is our apps intended?

For developers who…

  •   … know you have to invest more to earn more and they see us as an investment and NOT as an expense.
  •   … have a project that allows that investment.
  •   … understand that making an app they will sell flats faster and financing costs will be reduced.
  •   … they want to increase the value of their brand.


These are the benefits that you will enjoy if we create the images of your project…

  •   you will accelerate the sales to the top.
  •   you will leave a positive impression on the client, even if they do not purchase
  •   you will discover a new way to sell with less effort
  •   you will feel more relaxed and secured secured in your business
  •   you will see that your client will fall in love with our images
  •   you will ennoble your brand , for less than what you think
Moreover, as a digital product, the possibilities multiply:

You will be able to send an email including a link to the app to your potential customers.

If you share it in social media, you will get a high spreading.

Your showroom will grow. Tablets and smartphones become the speakers of your project in a natural way.

belen-gomezBelén Gómez






“I think you’re are a very professional company that understand the requirements posed by the property and solve it,
meet deadlines and with excellent graphical results.
Under some circumstances, the fees could be a barrier to hire you because not all projects have the economic capacity that requires your collaboration.
Good luck and I hope we could keep on collaboration.”

julio-cluaJulio Clúa

clc arquitectos





I met him before anyone was engaged in computer virtual space recreation. Since then, more than twenty years ago,
has continue to impress us with a constant creative evolution in both processes and results.

Juan Gayarre is an architect, a good architect. That makes the previous dialogue with him is fluid and concise. Targets are quickly focused.
In his works, the relationship between scales and proportions of architectural objects and elements involved in the composition,
are perfectly compatible and they express its structural potentially.

Graphic creativity, knowledge of materials, good taste in the use of graphic resources and ability to choose the best framings.
Architectural proposals in his representative expression exhibit their best qualities.

Meeting deadlines, budgets and result expectations have been amply satisfied in any of the multiple works that Juan Gayarre has developed for the firm.

The app creation includes…

  •   The idea, how all the relevant information of the project will be showed.
  •   Navigation structure.
  •   The graphical titles and icons.
  •   Publication in different stores.

Do not hesitate

  1. Tell us about your project filling the form below.
  2. We will answer within less than 48 hours.
  3. We will make a proposal and we will receive your impressions.
  4. The way you sell will change.


Are your ready to SELL FLATS as you have always dreamed of?

It will be a pleasure to help you to obtain the results that you wish in our dream factory




During these nearly 25 year career we have received countless request of quotes.

We understand the needs of our clients and we make very realistic budgets.

We also know that, in order not to waste time, it is much more efficient for both parts to get to the point.

Therefore, if you have a project in mind, I suggest you fill the following form.
In less than 48 hours, we will send you the budget you need.

To gain time

Here you have some of the frequently asked questions

What is the cost of performing an image? What about the realization of a minute of animation?

We do not have rates. Explain your project and we will be very specific in the budget.

What information do you need to prepare a budget?

The correspondent to a basic project, in pdf format.

Do you have a single budget option?

No. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer two levels:STANDARD and PREMIUM.

How many changes of modeling and / or textured are included in the budget?

We are reasonable but we hope that you are too.
From a certain stage, making changes without cost is not allowed.
Depending on the LEVEL hired, more or less changes are allowed.

Do you charge the changes?

Our attitude is always proactive and we seek the satisfaction of the client. This does not mean we work for free.

If changes are beyond our responsibility and they are a result of errors or deficiencies in providing the information, they are always charged. Therefore, it is so important that you provide us the information when the project is as definite as possible to prevent further changes with the obvious consequences of missing deadlines and avoidable overruns.

If you have more questions, please read our full FAQ section. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.



As I mentioned at the beginning, our client are not used to be pleased just with one of our services. All of them are complementary.

We will help you to decide which are necessary for your project.


If you have any doubt or problem, please write to [email protected]. I read and answer personally each email.

Nothing more. I am looking forward your news.


Thanks for your time!


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