San Lázaro

The realization of an animation brings many advantages and one of them is that the realization of static images is almost automatic. Here I have a selection of them.

By the way, if you want to know more details of the process, I suggest you go to these two links on the blog:  SAN LAZARO (1) filming or 3D modeling? and SAN LAZARO (2) 3D with real filming.

Perhaps the most relevant part of this project was the realization of video montages, i.e. inserting cg images over real filming.

ANIMATION… rather: animations

Throughout our career, we had never met a project with so much development. Development both in time and in the number and quality of the tools used for dissemination.

It is the first time we made four different versions of the video of a real estate development.

It is true that each for them is justified, especially in time. The project was developed with increasing detail and each video brought novelties.

The last one, the first one

We have preferred to show you the last one of all, San Lázaro IV, above.

The client requested a piece with more rhythm than the previous ones and with a more direct language.




360º images

It is nothing new. In fact, I would say that it is something “quite old”. However, in the real estate field, I believe that it has been underutilized. Then you will see its performance included within an app but this kind of tool is also applicable to web pages. The fact is boundaries between tools and media are more and more diffuse.Click on the image below and hold down the mouse. Then move around the screen without releasing the button. Your can surfer between different rooms of the house.


Augmented reality

Maybe you want to know more about augmented reality but, for now, I suggest you discover it.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Print this marker




2. Download the free app Visuartech


3. Type gc-sanlazaro and scan the marker with your phone or tablet.I do not tell you more. Find out.



AAA We see it every day: digital, in general, prevail over analog. Yes, I also like the smell of the books, but the tendency is very clear./div>

We think the paper brochure is overdue. We believe that what we call DIGITAL DOSSIER is the future for multiple reasons.
Although initially we fired our imagination, this time we decide to be restrained with the level.
Maybe it would be simple but it should work very well.
We invite you to download our first app: San Lazaro


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