Lagasca 46 | penthouse

I invite you to discover our last animation work.
In this occasion they entrusted us the visualization of a penthouse in Madrid: Lagasca 46. Before, we did an animation of the flats.

It is a very complete project with some common areas.

JT&RLL-RET-450x255A-cero architects

Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares

“We know the architectural visualization work of GAYARRE infografia from a while ago, when they made a video titled ALONE of one of our houses in Marbella.

Not by chance, this video, was nominee to the CGarchitect Awards of 2013.
A few weeks ago, we proposed, among others, the team of Juan for the realization of a promotional video of a rehabilitation’s project in the center of Madrid.

We would like to highlight both the quality of their images as their elegant camera movements.
The ability to show the virtues of the project with his animations, make them a persuasive tool, a seduction tool.

Both, the property and us, we are extremely satisfied with the result and we look forward to continue working with them in upcoming projects“

Trashed images

In the process of the project, there are images that, finally, are eliminated and never see the light.
We used them to decide camera movements, atmospheres and degrees of illumination.
They helped us to improve the final production and gave us ideas for future works.

Here you can see some examples:

I really appreciate if you share the project with your friends. Thanks for your time. 😉

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