Carmen | Block of flats

Interesting building on corner that closes the urban structure.
Immediately, the image of the Flatiron building came to our minds. For this reason we decided to incorporate it as part of the interior design in the living room.

Javier Loriente Loscertales

Real Estate Developer among other things
“Although I have known Juan since I was young, he was younger than me and we weren’t friends.

But we had the feeling of those who know where they walk.
When in my professional career I went back to the real estate promotion, I contacted him out of curiosity to see if it was true what I heard about the excellence of his work that did not surprise me because it corresponded with my past intuition of his personality.
I was amazed and I am not easy in business,
till the point that having my company almost all the homes already committed, we asked him for some perspectives of the building.
But what excited me, even more than the quality of his work, was the seriousness of the approaches. Term, cost, I can, I can not. Clear path.
I still find admirable those who conduct themselves even at the cost of losing the service.
Person and professional who adjust the step.
They make the world better.
For many years.”

Interior images

These interior images were the finally chosen:


Exterior images

And the exteriors:


Trashed images

In the process of the project, there are images that, finally, are eliminated and never see the light.
We used them to decide camera movements, atmospheres and degrees of illumination.
They helped us to improve the final production and gave us ideas for future works.
Here you can see some examples:

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