Besol | Block of flats

Those images were some of the final picks of the client:


Fernando Bernad

CEO of B3 ediber inmobiliaria, s.l.

I have the pleasure and the fortune to know Juan Gayarre as a professional for many years. He was a pioneer in this difficult matter of turning into virtual reality a project, but nevertheless he has reached to create school. As every great professional knows how to easily capture the ideas of the client and how to show them, in virtual reality in an optimal way, maximizing the given resources and providing a personal touch of category to the things knowing how to combine different materials in an ideal way and far exceeding customer expectations. He turns the complicated task of selling a flat-plot promotion in an easy job for sellers.

Trashed images

In the process of the project, there are images that, finally, are eliminated and never see the light.
We used them to decide points of view, atmospheres and degrees of illumination.
They helped us to improve the final production and gave us ideas for future works.

Here you can see some examples:

I really appreciate if you share the project with your friends. Thanks for your time. 😉

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