ALONE | the movie

Why have we made this movie?

To learn more and improve results. However, none of the two is the main…

The main thing is to get excited, but what for?

To show you how we are able to tempt your client and generate more profit for your company.

This is important. Therefore, we are useful to you. Now we describe some aspects of the process.

Before continuing, I suggest the post on the blog A-cero, about our movie..


In all our work we try to go one step further. Sometimes it is a question of technical advances. Other times they are actions related to the rhythm of the movie. The more confidence we get from the client, the more we give. This time, with the spirit of continuous R&D, we decided to develop an own project.

The client does not exist. That fact freed us to give the best of ourselves. We wanted to try visualization improvements in both indoor and outdoor.


We chose a project of A-cero architects, as you know, the firm led by the architects Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares.


For various reasons that we will explain later, we chose a house already built in Marbella.


Its sculptural volume and the diversity of spaces were decisive for the choice.


acero_libro2Obviously, we did not have the technical information and even less in digital format.


As usual, we started searching on the internet.

We soon realized that this information was not going to be enough.


We bought the book “VIVIR EN LA ARQUITECTURA A-CERO” edited by the architectural firm itself.














With the information that we obtained from it and the complete information that you can always find on their website, we got down to the business.


All the posed challenges were difficult. That is why we chose this house.


We could have chosen not to be faithful to what exists, but in this case, that was the challenge.
Trying to recreate, as best as possible, what exists.


As you can imagine, in addition to the difficulty of getting the same species of vegetation, the file was increasingly loading up.
Thousands and thousands of polygons started to fill the scene.


In the case of A-cero architects, when they project a housing, interior and exterior design always go together.


There was no choice. The challenge was, again, the absolute correspondence between reality and render. All elements were modeled to measure.
From the most special furniture to unique details.


In addition to the vegetation work already mentioned, the attention to detail was an obsession: diverse pool chairs, sculptures, furniture, placement of the recessed lighting, etc.


You can imagine the strenuous work in relation to textures that surround a project of this nature.



The car arriving at the house,

occasion to convey that we are not alone


Modeling and animation to convey life

Animated and real birds

Give the scene that credibility plus

People in Chroma key and 3D

It was the first time we incorporated characters filmed with Chroma key backgrounds.
Improvable, but more than acceptable for the first time.



Post production supported by the sound and grooves in the water.


The freshness of a light breeze

Tress in motion

Both 3D and real, in post production in the last shot.

Rose petals

A nod to American Beauty

A remind you that you can find them in our STORE by GAYARRE infografía.

And finally,

Have you noticed that loungers fabrics

move slightly with the wind?



I cannot say anything else: I would have to have a gorgeous actress but the budget did not allow it.

That is the reason why you have to suffer my presence. And it is also the fact that gives cause for the tittle: ALONE.

As we show in the end, this work would have been impossible to do “alone”. The great work of the team, César Ramos and Pablo Rapún, has made it possible.

I am very proud of the team we are.



When you are trying to visualize a building so attractive volumetrically, everything is easier.
For this reason, we try to “filming” it in many lighting situations: cloudy, rainy, with morning sun, sunset, night…


The scene were very heavy “polygonally” speaking. As we were adding more detail to the scene, we knew that we would suffer with the rendering times.
We did not mind. We wanted it in that way, whatever the cost. A brushstroke: some HD 720 night images took more than 90 minutes to complete.


Different lighting situations provoke very different aspects of the image.
We looked for the post production help us to match the “look” as a whole.
Obviously, numerous effects such as lens flares, blurs of depth, motion, etc. But this has less secrets.


The length of the video is out of the ordinary. In our productions we do not recommend such long durations. This was a special case. We needed that duration to show everything we wanted and at the intended rhythm. The choice of the music was not easy nor quick. If its rhythm was faster than the rhythm of the images, they did not fit well.

However, if we used a very repetitive and slow music, the movie was endless.

I think that with the choice of: “Waters in motion” by Sonic adventure Project, we got the background we wanted to round the production.

Minor sound effects of rolling the car at the beginning and the bird trills helped to give more credibility to the overall atmosphere.


It has been a visualization exercise very hard but it has been worth it. We have learnt a lot and I hope you have understood a concept:

We know how to tempt your client showing your project. Remember that.

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