Emotional vision of a city

Since last Tuesday April 19 until June 5, at La Lonja de Zaragoza, you can visit the exhibition “Visión emocional de una ciudad”. Such exhibition emerged as a continuation of a project that was born with the sample ‘Genius Loci: Visiones artísticas de una ciudad. Zaragoza 1908-2008’ held in 2009.   It contributed to the work entitled…

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Ashes & Snow, a gem

Colbert envisioned a sustainable traveling museum He imagined a structure easy to assemble in layover places around the world, providing a temporary environment for his work in this world tour. The first public facility of Ashes and Snow in the Arsenale of Venice, opened in 2002, was the inspiration for the architectural concepts used in the Nomadic…

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For me it meant the discovery of a new world His adventures of Incal, Blueberry (with the deceased Jean-Michel Charlier), Arzach, etc aroused my admiration for him when I just started a degree in architecture. From 12 October 2010 until 13 March 2011 the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents MOEBIUS-TRANSE-FORME (great website, by the…

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Interview with the master Alex Roman

Despite the notoriety of his works, it is not easy to find data on Alex Roman. I leave an interview published in AREA Digital Entertainment & Visualization Comunity.

2019, an imagined future

It is one of the most influential names in science fiction movies (Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron, Mission Impossible III, …). Its advance in time is not comparable to that of Jules Verne, but almost. We talk about Syd Mead. Just saying that he is an illustrator, architectural visualizer, vehicle designer, is very little. He is a visualizer…

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Antonio López, interview with the master

Last January 22, I reviewed the award given by Fundación Mapfre to him. Sometimes, listening to an artist is very rewarding. Sáenz de Oiza is a paradigmatic example of that. Here I leave an interview published in the Youtube channel hoyesarte. You can watch and listen to the second one here. I hope you like it!    

What beautiful eyes you have!

When it is time to seduce, SENSES are fundamental In architectural visualization, SIGHT seems the most important one. Sometimes when you like something you say “it enters the eye”. However, other senses can be just as important. So, if we make an animation, SOUND is fundamental. We talk about the soundtrack and special effects. Do…

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The new interface is here

Literature and film shows us many examples of technological advance in science fiction. One of the last appeared in Minority Report. John Anderton, the character played by Tom Cruise, is able to manipulate information in a holographic interface. Well, this idea is now a reality. You can see the presentation of these advances at a conference of John…

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Images for the future

Beelden voor de Toekomst, is a project of six organizations interested in preserving the audiovisual heritage of the Netherlands. Thanks to this great animation, project features are explained by metaphorical compositions. It is a great exercise in visual synthesis.

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