The 5 main social media mistakes Real Estate Agents must avoid

Social media is not the place to sell houses. So, why do I mention it? I mean, in the social networks you’ll never close the sell. They help you to sell, the same or more than in other more classical channels. PATIENCE – OPPORTUNITY – AGILITY   You, real estate developer, have to play whit the combination…

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The illusion of using for the first time a house

It is, without doubt, the most important purchase of your life. Some lucky people may dream about the project of a detached house. 3d architectural visualization allows the future buyer dreams twice: the first one when the virtual project is shown. The second one when the house is delivered. Benefits: branding The developer who understands…

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Why should you use social networks to sell your promotion?

It goes without saying that I do not consider myself an expert, far from it, in the matter. The world of social networks (NS) is not something you study, you learn and you start being successful. No way. I have three years on them and every day I learn something new. I see how I…

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Are you still selling pushing?

The paradigm change Although many developers still yearn to return the old days, I hope it is not your case. I do not mean in reference to the market upturn. I mean how to sell. Please remember. Think about how you have sold your real estate developments historically. You will be used newspaper ads, radio…

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STORE by GAYARRE infografía, resources for architectural visualization

We do what you do, so we know what you need Earlier this year we opened our online shop: STORE by GAYARRE infografía. It was an idea that we had in mind for some time. There are many sites where you can find regular resources for architectural visualization: 3d models, textures, scripts, manuals, etc. I recommend…

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SAN LAZARO (1), filming or 3D modeling?

Throughout these years we have visualized very different projects. They were both for their program and for the environment in which they were located. Normally, when the surroundings are relevant, we usually model them in 3D. This decision brings two consequences, good and bad: The good news is that we have complete freedom of camera…

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A Streetcar Named Desire

A year is fulfilled since the introduction of the first phase of the tram in Saragossa. At the end of the post you will find my personal opinion. To explain to the citizenship the second phase of the work, we were requested to product several photomontages. In this occasion, in contrast to the infographics of…

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Real estate demagoguery in La Noria

I think that it has happened to all of us. When you read in the media about a topic you know, you surprised with the “inaccuracies” committed. This fact always makes me think when I read something I do not know. We must stop talking and listen to experts. That is the only way to…

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Valle Romano, advertising misconceived

this is not the way that you should grip a golf club

(this is not the way that you should grip a golf club)   Nowadays, it is not understood, especially in Spain, the construction of a golf course without a residential complex around. The advantages, even for non-golfers, are evident Large green areas such as landscape, silence, fresh air, no traffic, … Urban planning, overly concerned with…

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