Civil engineering

Competition for a “doctor” building

It is over three years since we took part in this architectural competition announced by the Health Department of the Government of Aragon. Proposals for a new Medical Specialty Center in Saragossa were requested. Finally, we were fourth. If I…

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A Streetcar Named Desire

A year is fulfilled since the introduction of the first phase of the tram in Saragossa. At the end of the post you will find my personal opinion. To explain to the citizenship the second phase of the work, we…

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TRAM BADÍA | new local tram services in Palma de Mallorca

The media company Bassat & Ogilvy, was commissioned, by the Ajuntament de Palma, to conduct a campaign to explain to citizens the implementation of the tram in the city. In turn, 023audiovisual, was responsible for the development of a video where the advantages of…

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Centro de Arte y Tecnología Digital, construction process

Commissioned by several companies joined together to participate in the construction tender, our work consisted of graphically explain the construction process of it. To do it, we performed various perspectives and one animation. The documentation of the starting point was…

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Renovation and expansion of Philosophy and Arts University building

When the project is ours, we take advantage of all the options that architectural visualization gives us to improve outcome. In this case, since it is a comprehensive reform, visualization allowed us many checks. In a teaching building, decisions relating…

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