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We do what you do, so we know what you need

Earlier this year we opened our online shop: STORE by GAYARRE infografía.

It was an idea that we had in mind for some time.

There are many sites where you can find regular resources for architectural visualization: 3d models, textures, scripts, manuals, etc. I recommend you visit our collection of links about it.

Moreover, there are also databanks of image and video. They are sites with generic resources but where you can find what we need.

However, when we have needed something very specific like what we offer in our STORE, we have not found it or it had a price we could not afford. For these reasons, and others we will explain later, we realized that what we offered to professionals like us had their place in the market.


What are the advantages of our store?

These are the main ones:

  • Done by architectural visualizer to architectural visualizer.
  • Clean material and ready for its use: no mountains, trees, buildings or scenic background.
  • It is HD 1080p, unrestricted use.
  • We have the lowest price in the market.

There are more individual ones of each product and they are presented below.


What do we offer in our store?

Very simple: we offer video resources to improve your productions.

We would like to have started with a STORE full of products, but our infrastructure and daily work, do not allow it.

We preferred to go step by step. It is very difficult to find this material elsewhere. We say it knowingly because for years we have been searching for it without success. For this reason, we are convinced that it is in your interest.


One of the most requested resources in architectural visualization are skies.

It is essential to have a good collection in high resolution to allow us to print our images in large formats.

In STORE by GAYARRE infografía, we take another step. You will find “time lapses” of heaven. You know, accelerated real heaven filming.

You can incorporate both moving scenes as still images.

It is not easy to find heavens that we present.

It is very common to find heaven, which I call type “Gone with the Wind“.

GONE WITH THE WINDThey are extremely attractive heavens for contemplation but, however, they are not too useful for common architectural visualization productions.

In addition, the heavens you find are usually very fast and we found more interesting to offer films at different speeds that can be accelerated if production demands it, but not vice versa.

So, you will find 4 basic types of skies: dawn, sunsets, clear and cloudy.

Another shortcoming we found in the market, is the difficulty of finding COLLECTIONS. It is easy to find individual video but very difficult to be sold grouped.

By this reason, our products can be purchased separately or in collections, both by type of heaven and for complete collection.



We have always looked for them with little result. We generated 3d models of birds and they have been useful.

However, simulating the flight of a bird is frankly difficult to achieve. Still, once achieved, we would have only a flight.

In our STORE, you have many flights in three different categories: flocks, multiple and solitary birds 🙂

We have processed the films to offer what you need: a layer with flights of birds that can be incorporated into your production directly.

They are prepared for insertion in both your animations and still images. And as the heavens, also sorted into collections.

As we say in the store, “too late to Hitchcock and early for you.


I hope you find what you need to improve your productions. Gradually, we will present more resources.


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