Valle Romano, advertising misconceived

this is not the way that you should grip a golf club

(this is not the way that you should grip a golf club)


Nowadays, it is not understood, especially in Spain, the construction of a golf course without a residential complex around.


The advantages, even for non-golfers, are evident

Large green areas such as landscape, silence, fresh air, no traffic, …

Urban planning, overly concerned with maximum profitability, cause golf and housing are not entirely compatible.


United States is another story

There they know much about golf and live well, they study carefully the distances between the golf course and homes.


In Spain, there are not few complaints about it. The impact of a golf ball can, in the worst cases, cause death. If they are unbelievers … get tested. The story is the exception.

Valle Romano, wrong communication

All this, comes because of the advertising campaign elaborated to sell homes in Valle Romano, Estepona.

From my view, this is a serious mistake of campaign approaching. When someone buys a house next to a golf course, apart from the aforementioned benefits, also weigh the cons. The most obvious is the physical danger of being blown with a ball.

Various spots, become “funny” (?) …

… dangerous situations.



In another one, while the family enjoys a barbecue on the terrace, which reaches their plate is a “divot” (as it is called in the golfing slang) of grass, not meat. This fact, in addition to dubious joke, it is absolutely impossible.



In the third one, the same owner receives a hit that makes him look naked.

Here I save explanations.



I do not go to consider the stereotype golfer starring various spots. I wish good luck to the sellers, because with this advertising material it is going to be very difficult.

They get the golfer to feel ridiculed and obviously they cause immediate aversion to a project and / or company with this approach.

And, I do not think non-golfers look funny live in a dangerous place.

In short, you have surpassed yourself.

Another example:

Safety Solutions for neighbors of a golf course

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