For me it meant the discovery of a new world

His adventures of Incal, Blueberry (with the deceased Jean-Michel Charlier), Arzach, etc aroused my admiration for him when I just started a degree in architecture.


From 12 October 2010 until 13 March 2011 the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents MOEBIUS-TRANSE-FORME (great website, by the way), the first major exhibition in Paris dedicated to the work of Jean Giraud, known by pseudonym Gir and Moebius.

An icon of incomparable stature in the world of comics, an inventor of extraordinary forms and a brilliant cartoonist, Moebius is an artist who goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the discipline. To meet the wishes of the artist, this exhibition explores the theme of metamorphosis, a guiding thread that runs throughout his comics, drawings and film projects. Under this theme, the exhibition also presents the first 3-D animated film directed by the artist, encore La Planète, along with the stories of the original comic. With landscapes and characters in perpetual transformation, his drawings explore the boundaries of the unconscious and reveal an imaginary and fantastic world. Moebius reveals a world where appearances are not as stable as they seem.

Moebius and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

NB-MOEBIUS-03The exhibition MOEBIUS-TRANSE-FORME emerged from a long collaboration between Moebius and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain (by the way, amazing interactive intro by Moebius), who presented his work for the first time in 1999. An exhibition that explores the connections between reality, fiction and science fiction. At that time, two unpublished notebooks of the artist, which are now part of the collection of the Cartier Foundation in an exhibition. This exhibition also provides an opportunity for the artist to converse with the philosopher and urbanist Paul Virilio, as well as with the astronaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré on the space station Mir.

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