Sweet architecture, SUGAR BOX

Let me introduce one of our latest 3D animated works in architectural visualization.

The challenge was twofold.

On the one hand the performance of the work itself. On the other hand, the simultaneous realization of another project that you already know: Residencial Montecarmelo

We had to visualize both the exterior as a whole and the interior of one of the houses.

This time, we started the animation showing the interior.



The simultaneous development work of Residential complex Moncarmelo could not confuse us. They were different products.
Housings were looking for young client as target public.

In that sense, interior design had to convey freshness, light, details of more contemporary furnishings.

The spaciousness in the living room and kitchen were values to stress. The bedroom with built in dressing room and bathroom, also.



Modeling the urban environment of the building was necessary.
We recreated the surrounding buildings, streets, vegetation and atmosphere by cars and people moving.

That way we would cause the client confidence. The building is located in an established area and that is a key factor in communicating the value.

Despite being a block of flats, the residential area has a swimming pool and garden areas. This “complements” added more value.



Previously, we had been in limit situations. Works with high rendering load and immovable deadlines.

This time, I addition to the matter arising from the performance itself, there was the problem of simultaneous tasks. Both this animation as the Montecarmelo should be delivered on the same date.

On one hand we would be delighted to be back of this situation. On the other hand… we would not. It was overwhelming.

I am looking forward your comments. Thank you for your time!

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