Plan E, remodeling of streets and squares

We received the order from the Local government of Saragossa to realize various photomontages that explain the before and after of some works linked to the Plan E.

El Puente de América

It was the most risky.
Being a very recognizable by the public, the challenge was even greater.
Apart from the photographic manipulation of the image, we added to the scene people, cars, street lights and tress.

Alcalde Caballero

In this case, the work of photomontage was easier.
The incorporation of people and trees helped give credibility as a whole.

Plaza de Santo Domingo

At the time of the order, the square was in full work.
It was not easy to find the view for photography due to the amount of equipment there.
It forced a hard work of retouching.
Subsequently, trees, cars, banks, pavements and the fountain were recreated in three-dimension.

Definitively, the goal was achieved:

photographing the nonexistent to explain to citizenship the benefits of the proposals.

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