Parque Venecia

HD project

In this occasion we have presented the project with a higher resolution than the previous ones in HD. The format of this resolution is 720p. This amount is to indicate the number of horizontal lines of resolution that has the screen and the letter p is from progressive scan.

To sum up, the resolution used on 720p is 1280 x 720 pixels resulting in 921,600 pixels. The video format we used so far was PAL, with 720 x 576 pixels, a total of 414,720 pixels.

Comparing the quantity we realize that one is almost twice the other one.

The final quality is much higher, being sharper in detail, however, this has a cost.

Rendering in this conditions slows down the calculation and consumes more resources on computers. Even so, the most difficult thing is to explain it to the client.

Anyway, it is necessary to take this step, PAL is being deprecated, giving way to HD.


First thing, in this case, was to define the place of the real estate development in the district, recently built.

With the help of orthophotos, we approach to the area, transforming them in a plane from buildings grow up in a schematically way, coloring later, the three blocks of flats we are dealing with.


Taking advantage of the already finished common areas of the district, we used it as visual reference because the rest of the real estate developments were being built. Successfully, the client wanted to use that fact to explain that the area was consolidating and this was very important to attract possible buyers. The problem was in the condition of the vegetation, which in this season and newly planted, was not in the best condition.

Moving objects

The block of flats was repeated practically changing only the location of it. A sober and simple building. At times like this we should be a little more creative than usual to dazzle the final customer. This one has to be desired, either way, to live in this building.

People walking

Some time ago we wanted to improve people animation and its visualization. In any case we refer to as detailed movements such as movie animation. Much less is enough. Still it is difficult for us and sometimes we prefer seeing empty streets if we look at the results.


Therefore the movements are slight and more or less distant from camera to be more credible.

Moving leaves

In this work we move forward in terms of vegetation. At the moment we see vegetation to a certain speed, solidity of the threes is remarkable.


In this project we moved the threes. We made an effort and I think it was worth it.
Next animated project we have used different options that we will discuss shortly.


We still had not used it although it is usually used in this type of projects. We thought it was interesting to do it in this case.


We created the model and moved a flock that looks incredible at that distance.


This time we visualized only the dining room. We showed it artificially lit to then see it with natural light in two chained planes.


I hope you like it and you feel sharing it.

The next project will leave you surprised, you will see. We mounted real videos with 3D videos. 😉

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